Any Realtor is just a Realtor..... True Statement or Not?
Any Realtor can sign up a Seller, draft a contract, electronically market a property, personally show a property and contact a Seller in response to a question or a request. Any Realtor can advise recommended modifications or color suggestions that would better promote the appearance or “sell ability” of a property.Any Realtor has the opportunity to use technology to augment all communications and media to a sophisticated level and improve communications and availability for both parties at any time of day or night. Any Realtor can be called from a land line, a wireless phone, emailed, texted, SMSed or MMSed and can respond in a timely fashion.BUT, only a dedicated and qualified professional like Gina Wagner does ALL the background work, has the answers and even pre-empts the questions to complete every communication loop with the Seller.A truly unique Realtor is one who makes a commitment , consistently fulfills that commitment , volunteers and fulfills the obligation without even asked to do so.If that Realtor commits that the sun will rise in the east, whether realistic or not, it will happen when promised and fulfilled completely each and EVERY time. This level of commitment, thinking ahead, following up and fulfillment of even the “unasked for actions” is what defines the hard working, respected, sought after and successful professional Realtor.This level of Realtor Commitment is not based on a Selling Price, a quick turnaround or “slam dunk offer”, but rather the experience to know what to do, combined with the energy and dedication to get it done.It’s the background thinking and executing of any piece of the sales cycle that can be improved to quickly and painlessly satisfy the Seller and NEW BUYER, no matter the location, circumstances or required level of energy.And finally, the Realtor we wanted was the one who “asked when asking was the right thing to do”, “guided and consulted when requested or that was just the right thing to do at the time”, but most importantly guided our expectations with actions that a “CAN DO” person. Professionalism, knowledge, patience, quidance, market savvy, courage to try either proven or new concepts and “stick through the ups and downs…. That is what makes the Great Realtor.And finally, a Realtor of distinction is also one the Seller can honestly call FRIEND, ADVSOR, COACH, CONSULTANT and SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL. At the end of the day, the Realtor who can be honestly called “friend”, “mentor”, “trusted resource” and “recommended” professional.That is who Gina Wagner is and was exactly what we needed (and will need again as first and personally recommended choice for buying or selling a home”.

Paul and Mary Enger

I have used RJ Wagner Realty for all my listings for 3 yrs. and they have always provided excellent service. They do a top notch job in taking pictures and putting together your MLS listing, marketing and follow thru till you close. And I save money, what else could I ask for from my listing realtor.
Phil Yates / Friendswood, TX

"We recently listed and sold our house with Gina. Admittedly, I was initially skeptical about using a discount broker. She was wonderful. The service that she provided was beyond what I would have expected from any "full price" broker/agent. We were out of town during hurricane Ike. She checked on the house regularly and kept us updated on the cleanup effort. I cannot say enough good things about her as a person and the service she provided us. We would recommend her without hesitation."

Alan Bullington / Houston

Faced with selling my home of 23 years was emotional. Gina was very encouraging, supportive and helped make the entire process easier. She gave advice and suggestions that helped sell the home in a “short” time. I cannot think of one thing Gina needs to improve on. She really works for you!

Jeanne Schneider, Spring, TX

I cannot say enough about this Broker. Gina Wagner went over and beyond to sell our home. We encountered some difficulties trying to sell this property ourselves, but once Gina took over our listing, we were able to take this property to a successful Closing. She really took a lot of stress out of the situation.

Linda Waite, Tomball, TX

We found Gina to be very professional, approachable and honest. We had major frustrations with our mortgage provider, but through it all, Gina kept calm and behaved with the utmost patience and dedication. She was always there for us, answered the phone promptly or returned calls when she said she would. I would recommend her to anyone.
Graham Andrews/Crystal Hurst, Spring, TX

We have sold a few homes, but our experiences with Realtors were never anything to brag about, until we were represented by RJ Wagner Realty. This real estate experience was the smoothest sale we have ever had. We found Gina Wagner to be professional and a very honest individual. When she said she would do something, we knew it would get done. She is our lifetime Realtor!
The Allens, Spring, TX

RJ Wagner Realty was a pleasant experience and a brokerage firm I would certainly use again. Gina Wagner was most pleasant and efficient to work with.
J. Bingham, Coldspring, TX

We were referred to RJ Wagner Realty by our financial advisor and we were very pleased with this agency. Gina Wagner was our broker and was professional and dependable. We have recommended Gina to our friends & feel confident they will be represented as professionally as we were.
Charlie Ross/Deana Ross, Spring, TX

RJ Wagner Realty caught our attention when we decided to list our home due to the options they offer. They have three different listing options and having a “choice” was welcoming. We are very happy we chose Gina Wagner to represent us in the sale of our home. She made good on everything she promised. We could and did call her any time and was always able to get answers to our questions. We will call RJ Wagner Realty any time we need real estate services in the future. Our family members will do the same. This was a pleasant selling experience thanks to Gina.
Richard and Catherine Cooke, Houston, TX

RJ Wagner Realty managed my property and took it to closing, even though there were many difficulties along the way. They kept their word and saw this through to the end. I was very pleased with the outcome.
S. Bourque

I would like to personally recommend, with no reservations, the excellent and reliable work Gina Wagner performs. She is always readily available to answer any questions or smooth out any concerns when representing us. I would never dream of calling anyone else when needing real estate assistance.
Cheryl Inman, Houston, TX

I wholeheartedly recommend RJ Wagner Realty to anyone needing real estate assistance, whether selling or purchasing a home. Gina Wagner is thorough, conscientious and a very reliable business owner. She went above and beyond to make sure our selling experience was pleasant and stress free.
Rick and Nancy Brown, Houston, TX

I am a real estate investor and I have invested only in properties supplied and advised to me by RJ Wagner Realty/Gina Wagner. I have invested as much as $100,000 with this Broker and I am comfortable to invest another $100,000.
Michael Bradburn, Montgomery, TX